What does Quality really mean? Part One

No worries, I won't make you read to the bottom to find out the answer, I believe quality means paying attention to the detail where it counts. Take this image for example:

This level of attention to detail painting road markings is absurd. No one cares or pays attention to warrant that level of attention to detail. So quality means paying attention to detail to the things that people will actually notice and will appreciate. 

The hospitality industry is a champion at fostering the principles of quality that are appreciated by its customers. Although comical, some great examples of paying attention to detail, when it comes to dealing with people, can be found in the animated video below. 

One of the first things we see Mr. Lux do is take out a clipboard. I imagine this clipboard has a checklist of things he needs to do that day. 

Checklists are important to quality because they facilitate standardization and replication.

1. The process of making something conform to a standard. (the standard being high quality in this case)
2. The action of copying or reproducing something
High Quality is a standard. Low Quality is also a standard. This standard should be measurable. Someone either meets the standard of 100% or doesn't and a 99% score is a failure to meet that standard. It's when we start allowing failures to the standard of quality that we begin the trajectory that will transform something excellent into something mediocre. 
A clear image of this is a pole vaulter, they either go over the bar or don't. Plain and Simple. It also does not look so good when they touch the bar and just barely meet the standard. 
To be cont'd

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