Taipei VIP was put together by a group of dedicated and obsessed hospitality snobs. You can probably find us nearby returning dishes that are not to our standard or arranging the lighting of paintings on restaurants we will only visit once. We have been pampered by first class service all over the world and have raised our standards to obnoxiously high levels. This drives our friends and family crazy since we are constantly trying to give advise to unsuspecting business owners.

We formed to create and curate a community of like minded individuals in order to deliver to them amazing experiences that exceed expectations. We want to redefine what it means to deliver personalized attention. We believe that there are those who put a high value on quality and meticulous attention to detail to the customer experience.

A Uniquely Remarkable & Unforgettable Experience 

Only the beginning of what we aim to provide with every interaction. If we ever fail to exceed your expectations, please tell us in a heartbeat and we'll correct course. As you can imagine, we are also our own best customers!

As they say in the country of beach fronts and rain-forests, Pura Vida!