Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night

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Going to Karaoke in Taipei is simply one of those things you must experience a least 7 times in your life. It takes this long to really get the dance moves right to your favorite song. This way the 8th time you go to Karaoke with your friends, they will be "Amazed by You" which is incidentally a song with great romantics lyrics.

Let our very own sopranos take you to a place where you can let your inner pop star come out of you like a wrecking ball. 

Another great thing is that they don't seem to update the English songs as often, so you'll probably be singing songs you'd be embarrassed to sing if there were any other options.  

Fun Fact #127 The term Karaoke, originally meaning "without orchestra," is a combination of Japanese "kara" meaning "empty/bare-handed" as in "karate", and the "okee" sound from the first syllable of "orchestra" as pronounced by Japanese.