Nature And Parks Tour

Nature and Parks Tour

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Just look at all this nature around us! Our idea of a Nature and Parks tour is really about going to a relaxing, uncrowded, hot springs and sipping a cold drink, while looking at the mist roll into green covered hills. This is truly heavenly and can be found within Taipei, but as with most things, timing is everything. You really want to go when you'll have the peace and quiet that enhances the whole experience. 

Also, whether you want to hike there beforehand or after, that's absolutely your prerogative, we just really like the hot springs bit. It reminds us of one of our other favorite things about Taiwan which is eating "Huo Guo" aka Hot Pot.  

There are also so many fun hikes and scenic areas throughout the city that we can introduce you to. Get ready to work on your gluteus maximus!